Terms and conditions of use of the easy-sales.com website


The easy-sales.com website is managed and operated by SMARTIT GLOBAL S.R.L., a limited liability company, organized and operating in accordance with Romanian law, with its registered office located in Bucharest, 16E SG. Apostol Constantin street, block C9, ap. 704, District 6, Bucharest county, code 061461, registered with the Trade Register Office under No. J40/11094/2020, with the European Unique Identifier ROONRC.J40/11094/2020 and the Unique Registration Code RO37922859

Contact data:

  • Email: contact @ easy-sales.com
  • Mailing address: 9th Locotenent Ștefan Marinescu street, 6th floor, district 6, Bucharest 006673

In this document, SMARTIT GLOBAL S.R.L, with the above identification data, will be referred to as "ES".

2. About easy-sales.com

The website easy-sales.com is an information society service, presenting the ES services.

All the users of the easy-sales.com ("Website") agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions regarding the use of the Website ("Site T&C"). By using the Website, the user unconditionally accepts these Site T&C. If you do not agree, in whole or in part, with these Site T&C, please do not continue to use the Website and discontinue accessing the Website.

The use of our Website includes, without limitation, the accessing, browsing and registering/logging in to use the Website and/or the ES services. However, the users wishing to contract the ES services must additionally comply with the provisions of the ES Terms and Conditions, available here.

For the avoidance of any doubt, ES may unilaterally modify at any time and without prior notice to the users: the content, the form of presentation and/or the structure of the Website and shall have no liability in this respect. The modifications may also be made to ensure the compliance with the legislative changes. Any such subsequent changes will be highlighted in an updated version of the Site T&C, which will be available on the Website (together with the date from which they apply). The changes so made to the Site T&C will be deemed to be accepted by the user if the user continues to use the Website after the modified Site T&C has been posted on the Website.

The Website aims to provide the users/visitors with accurate and up-to-date information about the ES services and the ES news, the stages to create an Account on our Website, any other information that ES deems useful to the user, including to form the basis of an informed decision by the user to order the ES services and to enter into a contractual relationship with ES in order to benefit from the services under the ES Terms and Conditions.

The Website is intended to contribute to the improvement of the relationship between ES and the users of its services / the potential users of the ES services, in order to facilitate the communication between ES and the latter. It is ES' intention to provide updated information on the Website at all times, so ES will make every effort to provide Website users with updated information on the services under the brands promoted by the ES and to update the content of the Website. However, the ES does not guarantee the timeliness and accuracy of the information presented on the Website at any time. ES also does not guarantee that the Website will be free from errors or downtimes from time to time, but will make reasonable efforts to correct such errors/downtimes in a timely manner to allow for an accurate information for the Website users and a useful experience in visiting/using the Website.

ES hereby expressly disclaims any liability for any damages suffered by the users in making any decisions based on any information provided through the Website, and ES shall not be liable in any form or under any circumstances for such damages.

If the users intend to make an informed choice and/or purchase products/services presented on the Website, we strongly recommend that they contact the sources/contact persons expressly presented on the Website for the clarification of any issues, or the contact form located on the specifically assigned section.

ES does not guarantee in any way the quality of the Website from a technical and/or functional perspective, nor the absence of viruses that may exist on the Website, given the characteristics of the online environment and the specifications of the Internet. Thus, ES shall not be held liable in any way for any direct or indirect damage suffered or claimed by the users/visitors arising from the malfunction/failure of all or part of any portion(s) of the Website.

The User understands that ES has the right to interrupt any activity of the Website at any time, with immediate effect and without prior notice.

The User understands and agrees that ES has the right to restrict the User's access to the Website at any time, with immediate effect and without prior notice, if there are indications/ES believes that, by virtue of the User's conduct and/or activity, the User's actions are/may be damaging in any way to ES, including ES' reputation or goodwill, or to access and/or use by other users. Also, the access to other sites/information/activities may also be restricted/blocked by ES, in accordance with the applicable law, including where ES has knowledge that the information or activity is illegal or facts or circumstances that indicate that the activity or information may harm the rights of a third party.

All the information available on the easy-sales.com website (including, but not limited to, the images, text, logos, symbols) that can be viewed or accessed in any way through the use of electronic equipment, the content of e-mails sent to the user by ES, any information communicated to the user (including, but not limited to, the data relating to ES, its activity, etc.) by any means whatsoever by a representative of ES, are and remain the exclusive property of ES.

The User hereby grants ES the right to use the User's name and brand/trademarks on the easy-sales.com website including by incorporating the User's name and/or trademarks in ES' partner portfolio, as well as in any marketing/advertising material, in any medium/media chosen by ES (e.g. online, offline, social media). This right will be in force without ES owing any consideration to the User, for the maximum duration permitted by law (and in any case at least for the duration of the contractual agreement between the ES and the User, as set out herein). After the expiry of the legally prescribed term, ES may use the contractual relationship with the User as a reference, without indicating the User's name and/or trademark.

The user who agrees to receive newsletter-type communications from ES (e.g. about the development of easySales, e-commerce practices, etc.) will receive such communications at the indicated e-mail address. The user can unsubscribe from receiving these types of communications at any time by sending an e-mail to ES at: contact @ easy-sales.com. However, the User understands and agrees that unsubscribing from receiving the newsletter does not automatically imply that the User waives the acceptance of the Site T&C and/or the ES Terms and Conditions (or the other documents comprising the agreement with ES). For the purposes of this article, a newsletter is a means of periodically informing, exclusively by electronic means, i.e. using the electronic mail (e-mail), about information/events/news in which the user may be interested, without any commitment on the part of ES with reference to the information contained in such message (and unless otherwise stated in such message).


The content and design of easy-sales.com, including but not limited to the logos, stylized representations, commercial symbols, static images, dynamic images, text and/or multimedia content on the Website, graphics, form, means of presentation, as well as the other material on the Website (e.g. photo-video material, information about the ES services), belong to ES and/or its collaborators, and are protected by the intellectual property law, to which ES reserves all rights obtained in this respect directly or indirectly (through assignments, licenses for use and/or publication).

It is expressly forbidden to infringe or attempt to/participate in any act of infringement of the rights to the Website/materials on the Website, including without limitation, the copying, reproduction, distribution, publication, commercialization, transfer to third parties, rental, lending, communication, copying, modification, display, transmission in any form of the content and/or graphics of the Website, the creation of derivative materials using the content and/or form of the Website, the inclusion of any content in any context other than that originally intended by ES, removal of any markings indicating the [copyright] of ES/collaborators, under the penalties provided by law. Any exception requires the prior written consent of ES.

ES is the owner of the intellectual property rights to the easy-sales.com, website, as well as to the trademarks and databases presented/displayed on the Website, as well as to the works presented on the Website (e.g. pictures/photographs), and all rights (including but not limited to the right to use, modify, disclose or publish) to the ideas, concepts, know-how, methods, solutions, techniques, processes, adaptations, for the duration of its activity/to the maximum extent permitted by law. For certain portions of the Website (e.g. articles/materials written by other authors), ES has the right to distribute a copy on the Internet via the Website. The users are obliged to respect the rights of ES and other third parties and not to infringe them. The users may not re-use (e.g. reproduce) the information/materials on the Website without the express prior written consent of ES.

In particular, the photo-video materials available on the Website may not be reproduced/reused/copied/taken over by users in any form. Please note that such photo-video material contains in most cases personal data, including that of third parties; its use/processing is strictly and rigorously regulated by law, and the violation of the rights of the owners (including data subjects) constitutes a breach of the relevant legislation, which may be severely sanctioned.

The use of any/all of ES logo/signs/trademarks (including ES's name/brand in association with or distinct from ES promoted brand names) is not permitted without the express prior written consent of ES in/on any material/document/website.


ES processes personal data provided by the user in accordance with the Privacy Policy, available here.


The User understands and agrees that the Website may contain links or references to other websites operated by third parties, in accordance with the usage policies specified on those websites. The User understands that any such inclusion of references on the Website does not imply any liability whatsoever on the part of ES for the material, products and services available on or through such websites, nor any association with their operators. Any inclusion of links on the Website is made solely for the purpose of providing support/help/recommendations to the User and does not imply any guarantee/support by ES of the material available on or through such websites, nor any association with administrators/operators. the user accesses any such external websites at User's own volition and risk.


You can contact us on the dates indicated in the section Contact on the Website.

At the contact address the users can also report cases where:

  • works protected by copyright/intellectual property rights have been published directly or indirectly on the Website without the consent of the copyright/rights holder;
  • there is evidence regarding the commission of offences/infringements by one of the users or other cases of infringement on or in connection with this Website.


These Site T&C are governed by the Romanian law. Any dispute regarding the content or the applicability of the Terms will be settled amicably. In the event of failure to reach an amicable settlement within 30 (thirty) days of either party raising the dispute, either party may apply to the competent court in Bucharest.


ES or its affiliates shall not be liable for any delay or error resulting directly or indirectly from causes beyond the control of ES. This disclaimer includes, but is not limited to: the technical equipment malfunctions, the failure of internet connections to work, the failures of the telephone connections, computer viruses, unauthorized access to ES systems, operating errors, and the force majeure as stipulated by applicable law.