Increase sales up to 60% by automatically adjusting prices based on your competition!

Get first position at minimum distance from competition in eMAG

Cosmin Lăcătuș
easySales does what it promises!
Mi-a crescut vânzările cu până la 60%!
My sales increased by up to 60%. With the Auto-price function you are not afraid of competition and it automatically adjusts prices in real time!

Easy configuration

Activate auto-price from easySales with only one click

Frequent updates

Save precious time and watch your competition on auto pilot

Your best products on first position

Auto-price function keeps you in front at a minimum distance from your competition

Set stop loss limit

Protect your profit by setting limits for your products

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Free trial for 10 offers with Auto-price function

Increase sales by up to 60%

This is the average sales increase for clients that are using auto-price


How does it work?

  • Auto-Price algorithm updates and adapts in real time prices so that your product has the buy button
  • Set minimum price limit in order to protect profits
  • Auto-price works 24/7, even outside of your working schedule
  • Products with buy button sell much better than second position
  • Buy button is calculated by NPS (Net promoter score) and best price

How activating Auto-Price helps you boost your sales!

We believe you deserve to make things simpler, thus we have automated a lot of your hard work!

Study case Allotted time for updating prices Cost for activating the Auto-Price function* Average increase in sales Monthly increase in revenues
easySales clients who have activated Auto-Price automated 5€ / 100 offers on marketplace 25% / month 30% / month
*10 free offers

Besides multiple integrations with marketplaces, couriers, invoicing, we wanted to provide additional value to our customers by offering them a mechanism to optimize prices on marketplaces.

Stay tuned, we will develop new super-smart functions at great prices!

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Automate the repetitive tasks, you deserve to manage your business easily and more cost efficient!

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