easySales connects you with the most popular marketplaces

We reuse your online store structure and information so you can easily transfer products from your website directly on the marketplace! No initial fees!

What you get by using easySales

You get an internationally validated platform developed according to the highest eCommerce standards, designed from the start to be able to integrate any type of ERP, courier, or external system available on the market.
easySales is compatible with most eCommerce platforms Check out platforms that are already integrated in easySales!


Upgrade your system in order to sell!

Save time managing your orders, synchronizing stocks or listing products through automated API integrations. Create invoices and picking slips effectively, without assigning dedicated staff.


No initial migration required !

There's nothing to download, you just need an internet connection. Access easySales services just by being connected to the internet. Plug and play connection.


Third-party integrations

Connect simultaneously multiple online stores developed on different eCommerce platforms with marketplaces and with delivery, warehousing or invoicing services that you already work with.


Fast listing on marketplaces

easySales reuses your website structure and information to upload products directly to the marketplace! No hidden costs, minimum of technical skills required.


Get the better end of a deal

Quickly test new sales channels with minimum effort and low costs by accessing one or more popular marketplaces. List your products in 5 places at once with only one click and work centralized from easySales.


Automated product translations

List your products on international marketplaces and translate product documentation at the cost of the subscription.


Measure your progress with
intelligent reports!

Take a look at the big picture so you can take informed decisions. easySales is constantly evolving with new and improved business intelligence features.


No hidden constraints

Our flexibility allows you to use the platform as long as it's useful without losing your data. You are free to continue using the marketplaces without using easySales. Test our technology without any associated risk!


Stay ahead of your competition!

Use the Auto-Price function in order to get the best visibility and win the buy button for your products. Our algorithm constantly adjusts your prices in order to achieve maximum profitability.

How to optimize your marketplace sales with easySales?

Your success is our success!
Get free technical support and guidance so you can the discover step by step how to take advantage of easySales and sell more on marketplaces!


Create your account

Choose a subscription and try easySales for free in the first 14 days!

On-boarding support

Having specialized support at your disposal, we'll guide you and connect multiple marketplaces in a short amount of time. We pay close attention to your needs and goals!



Listing your inventory

The good new is that we reuse the structure and product information from your website in order to list directly on the shelf of the marketplace and start selling the very next day!

Process your sales

Generate picking slips and invoices with a single click! Deliver on time and eliminate human errors, having your stocks automatically synchronized. Start working across multiple places, centralized, from easySales interface.



Measure results

We evaluate the collaboration, measure the results and celebrate the partnership! Your success is also our success!

Extended services

Depending on the specifics of your business and your strategy, we analyze what new functions and integrations you need in order to push your business even further.


Frequently asked questions

Find more about the super-smart solutions you can access today!
Here is a collection of answers for the most common questions you might have!

Online store managers and merchants turn to easySales when they need to:

  • automate the sales process by stock synchronization and automatic generation of invoices and shipping labels
  • have an international presence on marketplaces through automated translations at the cost of subscription
  • manage large numbers of products and orders easily, eliminating human errors
  • have access to a cost-effective online integrations platform, constantly developing new features and external services
  • have access to dedicated technical support and guidance
  • quickly test new sales channels without investing large amounts of money

It is much more efficient to use easySales instead of developing these integrations on your own or managing the collaboration manually.

  • Risk free Test if a new sales channel suits your type of business, without paying a monthly fee, with the drawback of paying commission
  • Daily access to a huge customer base willing to buy
  • Access to statistics, reports, analysis and useful trainings for growing your business
  • International expansion quick expansion in other countries due to relaxation of custom duties and formalities
  • Know-how and guidance provided by the marketplace you want to enroll on
  • Competitive shipping
  • Online payment with no commission
  • You are in the same place as the biggest retailers in the region
  • Your products are being promoted through marketing channels.

easySales constantly synchronizes product information through the API so you can generate marketplace offers based on them

Specialized import/export tools by which you can adjust product documentation. Any documentation change is instantly propagated to your website and partner marketplaces

easySales is also a communication facilitator between your store, marketplaces and also courier services and invoicing software.

Yes! You can create different pricing policies and synchronization rules, as well as one time mass adjustments. You have maximum flexibilty.

easySales is integrated with most invoice and courier software, but if you want to work with another software outside our list, or with other couriers we can integrate it for you.

You have our full support for product listing or any other action, by phone, chat or email

Contact the support team and tell us about your needs: contact @ easy-sales.com

That's right! easySales tested, improved and delivered fast ways of selling on new channels at advantageous costs and without the hassle. Why not take advantage of thousands and hundreds of new potential customers on marketplaces?

Are you ready to sell to marketplace customers that are ready to buy?

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