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Sorin Drăgan
Automated translation opened the opportunity to sell on eMag Hungary and grow sales by 30%, eliminating language barriers.

With automated translation you can easily sell internationally

We believe you deserve to make things simpler, thus we optimized all the hard work!

  • Automated translation in one click – no Copy-Paste in translation software
  • Easy product identification from order based on the product code even if they are in a foreign language
  • Easy association with existing products based on PKN, ASIN, EAN
  • Automated invoice in local currency (HUF, ZLT, BGN)

Sellers can expand on international marketplace thanks to the elimination of barriers related to taxes, customs and translation of product documentation.

easySales solved the language communication for thousands of marketplace users. Based on user feedback, we developed the automated translation function which allows them to be present on international marketplaces.

Do you need a premium / personalized translation? Send us your request and we'll assign specialized personnel to proof-read your translations.

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