Send automated SMS to customers and decrease the return rates!

SMS notification function is a must have in eCommerce

Mircea Dragomir
I was very pleased to notice a decrease in return rates ever since I start using the SMS notification service.

Automated SMS

Send automated SMS for different events: New order, AWB generation etc. Clients can monitor packages easier, which in turn decreases return rates.

Discrete and fast communication

Clients are more prone to pay attention to a SMS; 98% of messages are opened and read within 3 minutes since the moment they were sent.

Efficient costs

If you are easySales client you benefit from preferential tariffs, negotiated for all users.

Personalized message

You have access to predefined variables inside the template to send a personalized SMS: Name, Address, AWB, Order number, Value etc.

Brand awareness

Send messages from a short, personalized number with the brand name so that your clients get more familiar with your brand.

SMS notification function is a service directly integrated in easySales platform!

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