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Customers end up in an online or offline store depending on how much money and effort you invest, but even then, only in small numbers. Serious sales growth is achieved by testing new sales channels! Many would like to test, but it involves cost or complex technical knowledge.

Online store managers sell products on marketplaces and increase their sales by attracting customers from all niches!

Find out why you should use easySales to test new sales channels!

EasySales innovation

You get an enterprise platform using cloud architecture. Expand your business using your ERP and current software, without having to change your work procedures and avoiding substantial costs.

Minimal administration effort

Easy products and orders administration and management for marketplaces. Synchronize stocks and update prices automatically.

Efficient marketplace listing

We reuse the structure and information provided by the retailer, in order to load the products from the platform directly on the marketplace! No hidden integration or migration costs!

Super smart functions

Manage products and orders across multiple sales channels from a single centralized interface. Use clever automated functions for product translation, repricing, shipping label and invoice generation, real time stock synchronization.

Get more than what you pay for

Quickly test new sales channels and list inventory on international marketplaces, even without an online store.

Well prepared and motivated eCommerce specialists

Having satisfied customers is what motivates us to push our technology even further and gives us the confidence to make great things, day in and day out!

eCommerce know how and best practices

easySales is developed based on real life problems and we strive to tackle all possible challenges by constantly collecting feedback from our customers.

easySales - internationally validated solution

Our SaaS platform is built using the latest technologies and eCommerce best practices and used by hundreds of customers across multiple countries.


What you get right now!

  • A tested, optimized and constantly growing platform used by hundreds of non-technical users across multiple countries. We're building our roadmap according to customer requests, at no additional costs.
  • Free support and advice to learn how to use the platform and how to increase your sales.
  • Two-way data communication, product data validation and easy error management for listing.
  • Real time data synchronization.
  • A single centralized interface for product listing, order management and stock synchronization across multiple channels.
  • No hidden constraints: You are free to continue using the marketplaces without losing your data even without easySales. Test our technology without any associated risk!

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