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Synchronize inventory with easySales!

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I no longer have to worry about inventory synchronisation, I know it works perfectly!

Advantages of updating inventory with easySales

Inventory management is an essential part of ecommerce and of operations realized by retailers in multiple sales channels

Real time updates on all integrated marketplaces!

When a client buys a product on marketplace, easySales instantly updates inventory on all other marketplaces
and also on your online shop. Update once in easySales for all platforms.

Make sure you're not selling out of stock products

Increase marketplace performance rating and customer satisfaction by automatically updating inventory after each sale.

Efiicient inventory management

Save precious time by having inventories under control all the time. When orders are processed, products are reserved to avoid overlapping orders.

How does it work?

Accurately maintaining a proper inventory directly impacts your business’ profitability so you should take this seriously!

Automated inventory
translates to accuracy

easySales algorithm ensures inventory is updated in real time on all active platforms

Reduce canceled orders

Receive alerts when inventory drops and replenish is required.

Efficient management

Load inventory by barcode scan.
easySales helps you save precious time so you can focus on important tasks

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Billing software integration

Integrate with ease any billing software. Decrease specialized personnel dependency.

Inventory warehouse location

Have clear visibility
upon your warehouse, in order to quickly pick-up your products!

Growing together

We are constantly up to date with global trends in digital eCommerce. We are guided by our clients requests in order to develop new functions and support businesses to thrive.

Retailers can manage inventory manually in eCommerce platform or by using custom made software. easySales integrates online shops with any existing ERP systems, which helps minimize human errors and increases operational speed.

Other smart easySales functions

  • Automated price updates in order to make sure you're selling at best price on marketplaces;
  • Automated translations for easy product listings on international marketplaces and eliminate language barriers;
  • One-click invoice and AWB issuing
  • Listing and maintaining products from a single centralized view
  • Different automated price rules for each marketplace

Stay tuned for more super-smart functions at great prices

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