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Who are we?

We are a dynamic team of enthusiastic and persevering professionals with extensive experience in eCommerce and the development of technical IT solutions.

The easySales team builds strong partnerships with its customers and offers an advantage to online merchants who have minimal technical skills and want to expand their coverage to more markets to generate automated sales, with the ability to synchronize inventory in real-time.

We are exploring efficient solutions for the activity of companies that aim to go in the right direction: 80% automation and 20% manual involvement. We offer Maintenance, Technical Support, Consulting and Development Services to support the growth of your business.


easySales Mission

The mission of easySales is to provide an accessible “no code” platform that integrates important eCommerce systems in one place, used by all online merchants who want to be present on multiple marketplaces.

The values that recommend us


We want to democratize e-commerce by integrating valuable solutions. Traders should always,
freely choose the suppliers that best suit their needs, without external influences or constraints.


A company is as strong as the people behind it. Collaboration brings people (and organizations) closer. We empathize with the needs of our customers and listen to them carefully to create value.


We like to innovate and we always strive to offer the best available solutions. E-commerce is changing fast, so we are ready to react quickly to adapt to any changes.


We believe in technology, so automation is an important part of both our customers and our internal processes. We automate many of the repetitive tasks so that we save time and focus on the company's strategic decisions.


We think original. We live to design and configure solutions that add value to our customers' business. Offering services beyond expectations is part of our way of being.

Our story

The company was founded in 2017 by Ciprian and Iulian Cazacu, two brothers who have accumulated extensive experience in the IT field, especially in the area of eCommerce, software architecture and business intelligence. easySales MVP was launched in March 2019, and the first marketing campaign in the fall of 2019 proved to be a necessary and easily accessible solution in the eCommerce market

“We perseveringly develop the easySales SaaS solution in the IT & eCommerce field, which grows through the team's dedication, customer satisfaction and the support of a strong group of investors. Our vision is to simplify eCommerce and automate as many processes as possible. We believe that we can offer sophisticated technology in a way that is accessible to large, medium and small companies. ” Ciprian Cazacu, co-founder of easySales.

The platform's architecture allows it to be adapted and scaled very easily for all countries, both for domestic and international trade. We propose to grow the team for regional and European expansion, to become a global e-commerce integrator.


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easySales team


Ciprian Cazacu

Co-Founder / Business Development

Iulian Cazacu

Co-Founder / Product Development

Irina Zamfir

Chief Revenue Officer

Marco Fredriks

Regional Australasia Manager

Diana Meteș

Marketing Manager

Adina Murariu

Business Advisor

Valentin Sîrbu

Senior Web Developer

Costin Corlătescu

Key Account Manager

Alexandra Tudoroiu

Key Account Manager

Horia Petre

Solution Architect

Bianca Zăvoianu

Customer Support Specialist

Eugenia Miulescu

Customer Support Specialist

Alexandru Olteanu

Customer Support Specialist

Răzvan Toader

FullStack Web Developer

Nicoleta Veleanu

Finance Specialist

Victor Cerevicinii

Full Stack Web Developer