Automatic white background and bulk resizing

Improve how you present your products by respecting the standards imposed by marketplaces

Buc─âu Marian
A very useful function! In a few seconds I had the picture I wanted!

Respect marketplaces restrictions

Quickly resolve marketplace restrictions to obtain a valid product documentation: minimum size, white background, etc

Resize images with one click

Align with standards imposed by marketplaces for all retailers and respect the 1:2 ratio imposed for the fashion categories.

Get consumer attention

According to the latest studies, white background images increase sales and capture consumer interest, presenting a clean framework.

Save time and money

It is not necessary to crop the photo in order to get a quality image with a white background. The function is automatic and does not require manual intervention.

Create valid marketplace images

Automatically create valid images for marketplaces without changing the images in the online store.

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