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Automation solutions for any kind of business

No matter where you are with your business,
we have fast expansion solutions with no initial costs or imports.


Online shop

Do you already have an online store? easySales reuses information to quickly create listings on any marketplace.

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Selling only on marketplace? Use easySales virtual store to quickly list products from one marketplace to another.

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Physical store

Selling only offline? easySales helps you quickly make your first online sales, even without having a website.

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Why easySales?

easySales automates the listing and sales processes of your business.

So you don't have to worry about manual processes or expensive integrations and you can focus on the things that matter.

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How easySales works?

Get extra revenue and substantial cost savings using platform's features.


Increase sales opportunities by quickly listing your products across multiple sales channels.

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Generate AWB and invoices quickly with a single click, regardless of orders origin.

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Stock Control

Eliminate human errors through automatic synchronizations and stock reservations.

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Stock control

Automatic price

Increase sales by up to 60%, adjusting prices according to competition.

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Automatic Translation

Increase your sales opportunities and simply list your products on international marketplaces.

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Automatic translation

What our clients say

Satisfied customers are our motivation to develop easySales further in order to offer useful functions and premium services!

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